LAAAA GALLETTAA… Bingo! ¡Lotería! That is exactly what I screamed when I discovered these cookies from Sweet Marie’s Bakery based in Houston Texas. These are so pretty and cute and everything in between.  I want them now… along with all the other goodies in her shop.    icm_fullxfull_59420705_qxstc36g18gwkswgwskkicm_fullxfull_59420703_8xxwgnaiu5sso8scssw4icm_fullxfull_59404338_jr3gl2eo53kc44og8kccicm_fullxfull_59404336_bz6omyyygm8gwk0skgswicm_fullxfull_59420707_grqtzqhl2348c4s04sgg

Photos: Sweet Marie’s Bakery

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